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What Is Marketing … Really?

Thrilled to note that Vistage Florida posted my thoughts on this topic. Mitch Advertisements

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What is Marketing … Really?

Thrilled that Gardner Business Media published our thoughts on what is marketing … really. Happy Thanksgiving. Mitch

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How Does This Happen? What Is Marketing?

I keep being amazed at what CEOs of large companies get conned into by their so-called “marketing departments.” (Well and smaller companies too for that matter.) There is a big “to do” going on over the fact that Twitter has … Continue reading

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What Is Marketing? What Is A Strategic Plan?

I was interviewed recently on IMTSTV on these two subjects. My surprisingly short answers are in this video. Take a look. Mitch

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Where’s The Disruption Opportunity Really?

Philip Kotler, recognized Marketing Guru and Professor, said, “…most of the impact of marketing is felt before the product is produced, not after.” And yet almost everything we read about today is tactics for improving what Marketing does after the … Continue reading

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What Is Marketing Anyway?

Classic question, usually answered with a focus on the back-end of Marketing, namely promotion, advertising, brand awareness, etc. Even Al Ries, who I admire a lot, fell victim to this thinking in a recent article. He says CEOs value innovation … Continue reading

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What happened at GE? And could it happen to you?

In the 1952 GE annual report, GE defined marketing as an omnibus concept and stated  “The marketing department will establish for the engineer, the designer, and the manufacturing man what the consumer wants in a given product, what price he is … Continue reading

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