B2Me Has Finally Arrived

laysEver since Peppers and Rogers postulated The One to One Future, marketers have tried to find cost-effective ways to deliver on the promise. I think it surprises many at how long it has taken while still not being pervasive. And yet fascinating new approaches to B2Me come upon us. The latest on my radar is Lay’s.

Lay’s has decided to allow 10,000 people to create their own customized Lay’s potato chip bag. While the user interface to upload the picture could use some intelligence to help non-tech savvy customers create pictures that area exactly 1000px by 1000px, the idea is great. Lay’s hopes to leverage these 10,000 bags into millions of social media shares.

For several years M&Ms has offered bulk personalized candy. While a bit on the expensive side, it has been a B2Me play that works and continues to offer value for the consumer and the brand.

3-D printing also offers ways for companies to produce personalized, short-run products. At the recent Bite SV show, chefs showed off 3-D printed gourmet food products.

1-1 advertising and tailored media never was as big in print as people thought it would become, and cable never embraced it either. But with digital it’s a big deal and we all see examples of personalized ads delivered by cookies after  you visit certain sites. While these predictive indicators need work, the idea is solid.

B2Me is getting more pervasive. Where is your company positioned to take advantage?


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