Packaging Matters

medeaThere are many examples of primary packaging costs that exceed the cost of their content. In my book, The Secret To Selling More, I noted that AriZona Tea’s cans cost more than the content of the can. Coke developed plastic versions of their iconic glass bottle. Examples abound. It’s true in secondary packaging as well. For example, Bert-co specializes in secondary packaging for its customers for whom shelf-presence matters.

And then I ran across Medea Vodka. I have no idea if the vodka is any good, but who can pass up a bottle that you can program (easily) a custom message that lights up on the bottle? I assume the product is pretty good (they claim it is great) since putting a poor product in a novel package can get you one sale, but no repeat business.

What is the customer buying with Medea Vodka? What are they buying with your product or service? If it isn’t unique you’re gonna have to sell on price.


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