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The Airbnb/Uber Model Comes to Beer … Kinda

A newish company, Tavour, in Seattle has created a service to offer unique, hard to find, not well-known, new to the market, etc. craft beers to people who do care, or should care. They search out unique beers they feel … Continue reading

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B2Me Has Finally Arrived

Ever since Peppers and Rogers postulated The One to One Future, marketers have tried to find cost-effective ways to deliver on the promise. I think it surprises many at how long it has taken while still not being pervasive. And … Continue reading

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Back to the Future Redux

In October of 2009 I posted about the revival of so-called 1-1 or personalized marketing, and my suggestion that it was not really “new.” And I don’t mean just because Peppers and Rogers published The One on One Future back … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Those who have heard me speak over the years know that I describe the trend towards 1-1 marketing and providing customized solutions for customers as a “back to the future” process. Before the industrial revolution virtually everything was custom made … Continue reading

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