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United to Become More Customer Centric … Sure

United Airlines had its first ever global media event last week to kick off a “new United.” The CEO wants the media to start asking what’s next instead of what’s wrong. Maybe. According to the Chicago Business Journal, a group … Continue reading

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They Started It, And They Still Missed It

Pepsi recently announced the “return” of Diet Pepsi with aspartame. This caused a big to do on a recent conference call. Aspartame was removed from many diet drinks due to consumer concern about health issues. However, as Pepsi CEO, Indra … Continue reading

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Customer Experience and Process Management: A Dichotomy?

We find ourselves at Customer Manufacturing Group at the intersection of two trends that are finally becoming mainstream conversations: customer experience and process management. As we discuss these topics with people, we notice their concern that the two may be … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is More Than Promotional Hype

A lot is written about the importance of customer-centricity and customer experience. Research by Watermark Consulting shows that companies that provide better customer experience create a better total stock market return that the S&P 500 and customer experience laggards. Thus … Continue reading

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Confusing Motion With Progress

My older son, who works for a Fortune 200 company, mentioned this morning that his company was going through yet another reorganization to improve results, or efficiency … or something. I remember telling my dad the same story, and I … Continue reading

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Are You Focused on the Wrong Things?

A recent article in Advertising Age touted how CMOs should go about making sure their companies are “customer-obsessed.” Sounded good to me. Early on the author posited this question: “Marketers are predisposed to think about the market first. So why … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is A Mindset

As long time readers know, I fly a lot. Lots of flights, lots of gate agents, flight attendants, etc. Some good, some great, some who need to consider another career. However, I heard something shocking recently on a Southwest Airlines … Continue reading

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