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What’s Really Wrong With McDonald’s

Much is being written about the so-called McDonald’s turnaround (the current one). Pundits chime in regularly as to what they need to do. Much is being made of “menu creep.” The belief is the menu has grown to the point where … Continue reading

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Cross-Selling Works

I was sitting in a locally owned fast food restaurant earlier this month and had the occasion to watch the counter-person at work. As each customer gave her their order, she would repeat it and then when they were finished, she … Continue reading

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I keep telling you focus matters

KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) is the category leader in the fast food chicken category, and they are slipping. They have lost about 6 points of market share in the last five years. Who’s coming on strong? Focused, differentiated competitors like … Continue reading

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It’s All About Focus

As we have preached for many years, one area where companies do themselves in is lack of focus. In an effort to “spread their risk” or not “put all their eggs in one basket,” too many companies diversify into mediocrity. … Continue reading

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