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No Action Talk Only

I have accused the airlines, who spend countless dollars claiming to be customer-focused, of operating on the premise that passengers are an inconvenience to the efficient movement of airplanes. I recently discovered an amazon vendor that may have the airlines … Continue reading

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Great Idea; Too Bad It Tastes Like Its Name

As people who know me know, I like candy. I especially like sour candy. I was therefore  quite attracted to the display of candy in the picture. Great packaging. Excellent potential secondary use. Outstanding come on for us sour candy … Continue reading

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Now, That’s How It’s Done

Last year I posted about Hertz’s campaign to get you to rent cars with Sirius XM radio when they can’t determine how to offer it consistently. That situation has not changed. They still promote it, and they still can’t be … Continue reading

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Why Promote What You Don’t Want To Sell?

In a return to the “why are they promoting what they can’t (or won’t) deliver” department, let’s look at the Chevy Spark EV. This vehicle is apparently a “dog.” Sales were dismal and showed no signs of improving. But then … Continue reading

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Why Promote What You Can’t Deliver?

Seems a valid question, and yet I see examples of it all the time. Maybe the people who are being pushed to promote something are unaware it’s not really available. Maybe what they are promoting is highly profitable, but if … Continue reading

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And the purpose of your advertising is…?

We assume companies that advertise to create new customers want to make sure those new customers experience a product or service that is in keeping with the advertising so they become repeat and perhaps insistent (loyal) customers. Apparently Emirates Air thinks … Continue reading

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