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More Confirmation That Innovation is a Team Sport

A recent study by the Wharton School confirms that innovation is a team sport. The study was prompted by the apparent reduction in innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the work from home regime. Productivity overall has not really suffered … Continue reading

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Can Your Culture Make Your Company More Innovative?

Well sure, but the issue for many is whether a company needs to change its culture to become more innovative. Much has been written on this topic over the last few decades as the idea of innovation as a driver … Continue reading

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Maybe This Explains Some of General Motor’s Issues

Dr. Michael Arena is the Chief Talent Officer at General Motors. He is an expert and authority on talent, and has focused on how to get talent to innovate. He identifies three types of talent involved in the innovation process: … Continue reading

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Brick And Mortar Innovation

I’ve written several posts on brick and mortar suicide (just do a search of the site to find them using that term), and to be fair, when I see something one of them is doing well I like to also … Continue reading

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Changing Innovation Archetypes … Successfully

Shortly after Steve Job’s death, I wrote about the challenge facing Apple to continue its innovation excellence given the archetype they were using was based on the Visionary Leader approach. One of the problems with the Visionary Leader archetype is … Continue reading

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Simple Solutions To Complex Problems

As regular readers know, I criticize the airlines a lot, and for good reason. And occasionally they do something really good, and I have to give them kudos. This one is from Southwest Airlines, and it was simple and cool. … Continue reading

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Apple’s Innovation Challenges

After Steve Job’s death, I posted a few times about where Apple heads next with innovation. Many people have asked the same questions. With the introduction of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch (aka iWatch), we are beginning to … Continue reading

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Creativity is Not the Same as Innovation

Back in the early 1980s Roger von Oech got everyone excited about the power of creativity. His book, A Whack on the Side of the Head, was a business best-seller as many CEOs believe that if their people were more … Continue reading

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What Is Marketing Anyway?

Classic question, usually answered with a focus on the back-end of Marketing, namely promotion, advertising, brand awareness, etc. Even Al Ries, who I admire a lot, fell victim to this thinking in a recent article. He says CEOs value innovation … Continue reading

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Process innovation vs Product innovation

Much of what is written about innovation focuses on product innovations, especially in the high technology world. While these innovations are often significant, it must be recognized that often a breakthrough or significant product innovation cannot succeed without a process … Continue reading

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