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How To Effectively Organize Your Research Activities

Most organizations collect information about their environment in a multitude of places, and usually they are not coordinated. Further, often these research efforts are incomplete. Yet it is obvious that without information about your business environment, you can make no … Continue reading

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Sex and the Executive Manager

There is an old saying that no one really knows who said first: “Every generation thinks that it has invented sex”.  In other words, everyone learns lessons as they go through life.  The flip side of that truth is that … Continue reading

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Human Intelligence and Forensic Sales Analysis

I’ve been buying products in retail stores now for…well, many decades.  In all of that time I’ve yet to have a store manager approach me and ask either “Why did you buy that product” or “Why did you put that … Continue reading

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Ahead of the pack…

About 10 days ago I posted about the marketplace showing the political shifts in the United States. In a post “It’s there if you pay attention,” I discussed the shift in sloganed merchandise being sold in Washington DC in terms of … Continue reading

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It’s there if you pay attention

Most politicians and too many business people fail to see what the market is telling them. I have not been in the Washington Dulles Airport for about nine months. Last time I was there the kiosks were overflowing with Obama … Continue reading

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I love it when Howard agrees with me

I was reading the article about Howard Shultz and Starbucks in the August 17th issue of Business Week (ok, I’m a little behind in my reading), and found two ideas that he shares with his team that I have been … Continue reading

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Using Sales to get Market Information

Accurate, real-time information about your customers, markets, competitors, and so on, is the sine qua non of everything that management does. Without it, you cannot make rational strategic product/market investment decisions, you can’t develop products/services that meet market demands, you … Continue reading

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Intentions Do Not Necessarily Lead To Actions

  Many marketers have been mislead by research that tries to understand what people will do in the future regarding purchase of a new product or service. I have read of studies that purport to show that people do not do … Continue reading

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