Tagless t-shirts and willfull ignorance

One of the greatest innovations, in my daily life at least, is the tagless t-shirt.  For decades every time I bought a new shirt or t-shirt, I took out a pair of scissors and cut the tag on the inside off (you know, the one at the base of your neck that drove you crazy).  Well now most t-shirts come tagless, and the manufacturer’s information is printed instead in the same place.

So simple, and so long coming.  I bet it’s even less expensive to make them this way.

I’ve never worked in the t-shirt industry, and to the best of my knowledge we’ve never had a client in it, so I don’t know why such a simple thing, one that probably saves money, and one so much desired by actual customers, was so long in coming.

But I will bet that it had to do with two things that we run into all the time: 1) “We’ve always done it that way”, and 2) as Mitch says, “It’s amazing the lengths that executives will go to to avoid talking to an actual, live customer.”


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1 Response to Tagless t-shirts and willfull ignorance

  1. rontomlin says:

    HanesBrands strategy to “Innovate-to-elevate” is paying off. Going tagless allows them to increase price while lowering their cost. And I no longer purchase the other brand.
    “From 2009 to 2012, we grew sales $800 million” – http://bit.ly/1dnvrgq

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