What a difference a decade makes

amazon.com-logoIn its early days, I remember never being able to contact anyone live at amazon.com. Like almost all dotcoms of the day (and too many still today), you could only contact them via email or similar and wait for a response. Not so anymore.

My wife had a problem with her Kindle. We clicked help on the Kindle screen and it asked if we would like to talk with a customer service rep. We clicked yes and it asked us to enter a phone # for amazon to call. She did and we figured tomorrow … maybe. No sooner had she put the Kindle down than the phone rang.

It was amazon to help her and they indeed solved the problem.

People rave about Apple support, but I find their first action is to ask you to buy a support agreement then tell you that you don’t need one. Amazon rocks. What a difference a decade (and maybe Zappos) makes.


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