Will The Return Of The Edsel Be Next?

crystalpepsiFor reasons that are beyond me, Pepsi has announced the return of their 1990s soft drink failure, Crystal Pepsi. For those of you who don’t remember, or never heard, Crystal Pepsi was a “clear cola.” As predicted by my friend Barry Minkin at the time of the original announcement, the product was a complete flop. In a last effort to save it they converted it to a lemon flavored drink, which also failed.

This is not the first time they have considered this action, but this time they are doing it.

The alleged reason for the return is “nostalgia;” and it will only be back for the summer. Unless, of course it is a big hit this time. (Highly unlikely, Barry insists.) Are they so lacking for creative new product ideas that the best they can do is reintroduce a flop? How would the Board of Directors at Ford feel, if Ford execs decided to reintroduce the Edsel?

Seriously, Pepsico, is this the best you can do?


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