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Niche domination works

I read recently about Boar’s Head the deli meat company. While this company presents great learning opportunities, which I will get to next, I should also mention that since my Great-Uncle helped build the Best Kosher Foods Company into a dominant … Continue reading

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Niches in stiches

What can customers buy from your company they can’t buy, or at least don’t think they can buy, from anyone else? Most companies can’t answer that question and still want to charge higher prices than their competitors. Scott Morrison, of … Continue reading

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“Undesirable” niches can hold gold

After our beloved German Shepherd died we adopted a displaced pit bull from hurricane Katrina.  Both breeds are tragically on the verboten list of many thoughtless insurers.  But our carrier, Commerce, saw that their less astute competitors were handing them … Continue reading

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Old dogs and new tricks

Who says old dogs can’t learn new tricks and that big companies can’t serve narrow niches? The new General Motors is trying something that seems quite amazing. Will it work? Who knows, but it is daring. What are they up … Continue reading

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