Modern Sales Training

We don’t usually talk about other consulting or training firms in our posts unless it is positive. However, I have been spam emailed over the last several days by the local Sandler Training person pushing his latest sales 3-hour executive workshop on Executive Revenue so you can stop selling on price.

Since I wrote a book on the subject of how to stop selling on price, these workshops get my attention. However, there is something in his promotional copy that just hit me  the wrong way. He states that “telling is not selling.” Agreed. He then goes on to state that “Amateur sales people talk about the product. Professional sales people talk about the prospect.” He then asks “What are your sales people talking about?”

I have problems with this, and feel free to rip me if you think I have it wrong. First, skilled sales people don’t talk, they ask questions and listen. Secondly, properly prepared sales people, after listening, know what makes their offering unique, or at least different, from other potential solutions the prospect may be considering. This allows them to help the prospect make the right decision for themselves. Thirdly, they have learned to use Facilitative Questions to help the prospect work through the other issues which may prevent them from buying at all.

As you can see, I clearly think this guy has it wrong. As do many others, which is at least one reason sales people are not getting better as fast as they could.


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