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As Predicted

While it took a bit longer than anticipated, the “experts” are now predicting that J.C. Penney is circling the drain. I have seen that coming since 2104 as I noted in several posts back then (just search the archives); but … Continue reading

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In The Continuing Quest For I’m Not Sure What…

JC Penney is still finding ways to amaze me; and not in a good way. I’ve railed on them for a while as regular readers know. (New readers just do a search of the blog for Penney.) Last month they … Continue reading

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JC Penny’s 360 turnaround continues

If you have been following my JC Penny critiques, the title is self-evident, as there is no need to comment further on this article, which speaks for itself about the new/old JC Penny. Mitch

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What went wrong?

Opinions abound as to what went wrong at J.C. Penny. Chief Executive posted an article summarizing a Time Magazine story on the “5 Critical Errors That Triggered Ron Johnson’s Removal at J.C. Penny”. I fundamentally disagree with almost that entire … Continue reading

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