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Waste isn’t a useful strategy to maintain jobs

It appears that the U.S. is about ready to allow trucks originating in Mexico to deliver goods to any destination in the U.S. per the NAFTA agreement. This aspect of the NAFTA agreement has not been honored since its inception, … Continue reading

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More waste … wow

Last week I talked about the need to remove waste from your processes to stay competitive. I briefly mentioned the flawed, post-process inspection the government was proposing for healthcare process improvement. A recent article in Business Week presents even more evidence of … Continue reading

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Removing Costs That Don’t Add Value: A continuing Wal*Mart competitive advantage

Still Wal*Mart continues to remember one of the keys to how they became the world’s largest retailer and highly profitable as well. Two reasons really:   They have been in touch with their customers. (Sam Walton was famous for spending … Continue reading

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