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Hidden costs

When I was leaving the Ontario, CA airport the other day after watching the Southwest Airlines credit card people at work (as discussed in an earlier blog post), I decided I needed an ice cream. (People who know me realize … Continue reading

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You can learn a lot just by watching

I spent 3 hours in the Ontario, CA airport the other day. There are no airline clubs there, so to work on my computer I sat at a Southwest Airlines gate at one of their work tables and stools. It … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s not that outrageous

Last October we posted about Ryanair as an example of focus and lean thinking. Today we have more to say about this interesting business. Their CEO, Michael O’Leary, does seem to like publicity at least as much as his counterpart at Virgin Atlantic, … Continue reading

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It may not even be efficient and certainly not effective

More companies today are trying to push their customer service interaction to the web. LinkedIn states on their site that they do not accept calls. If you want to communicate with them, you must do so via customer service on … Continue reading

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Similar pricing strategies disguised

Northwest Airlines implemented a premium pricing strategy for Coach seats by charging a fee (up to $25) for the more preferred Coach seats except for their most frequent flyers who get them for free. When first implemented, this fee was … Continue reading

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Culture vs. Strategy

It was reported last Friday that Republic Airways had “won” the right to buy Frontier Airlines despite a lower bid than Southwest Airlines submitted. Both companies have valid strategic reasons to buy Frontier, and Southwest’s larger size allowed them to … Continue reading

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They just don’t get it

Ted Reed posted an article today on TheStreet.com about Southwest Airlines that misses the point. His article, The Mainstreaming of Southwest Airlines, suggests that Southwest is becoming like all the other airlines because they are now going to serve Minneapolis … Continue reading

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