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As predicted, they died

Several times I posted that QR codes were doomed. (Just search on QR to find my earlier posts). In a recent article by B.L. Ochman in Advertising Age, she declares QR Codes dead. The lessons she cites were my reasons … Continue reading

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Since ink is free they just won’t go away

I posted twice last year about QR codes. My point was and is that they are fascinating to marketers, and another tactic they can use to raise the flag. But to what end? In yet another article which makes my point … Continue reading

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QR Codes for better or worse

Back in June I wrote about QR codes and asked if they would die because of how they are being used. A recent article, “No, QR Codes Aren’t Dead. They’re Just Used Badly” discussed the same issue. The author notes that … Continue reading

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If you build it, will they come? Even if it’s easy to get there?

QR codes are the latest “it” marketing tactic. While similar to the Cue Cat technology of the ’90s that used bar codes, QR codes rely on smart cell phones to take you the website of interest. The question is, “of … Continue reading

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