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Process innovation vs Product innovation

Much of what is written about innovation focuses on product innovations, especially in the high technology world. While these innovations are often significant, it must be recognized that often a breakthrough or significant product innovation cannot succeed without a process … Continue reading

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Innovation with REALLY mature products

My wife bought a headband recently — you know, those things that women wear over the tops of their heads to keep hair out of their eyes.  They’ve been made for God knows how long.   You’d think it’d be hard … Continue reading

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Sales People Want New Products to Sell and Other Myths

In my experience if you ask sales people what they need to increase their sales they answer with one (or more) of these three items: 1. Lower prices 2. More leads (or floor traffic or its equivalent) 3. New products … Continue reading

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Innovation: Where’s the leverage

Innovation is still getting a lot of press, most recently we read an interesting piece in Business Week. (Can’t find it on their site, so no link, sorry.) In the September 22nd issue they published some results from the 2008 … Continue reading

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