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Business fads gone amok

Business fads come and go. Driven by consultants and academics looking to sell the latest “it” thing I suspect. MBO, Re-engineering, 6-Sigma are just a few that come to mind. However, Kevan Hall, posits another one, with which I agree; … Continue reading

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All process improvement is not lean thinking

My friend Bob Caveney shared with me a story he had recently heard. It may be one you have heard before, but it got me thinking about lean and process improvement approaches and how they are applied by various companies. A guy … Continue reading

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More waste … wow

Last week I talked about the need to remove waste from your processes to stay competitive. I briefly mentioned the flawed, post-process inspection the government was proposing for healthcare process improvement. A recent article in Business Week presents even more evidence of … Continue reading

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Removing waste

Political alert. This post does have a bit of a political bent, but that is not its focus. As followers know, we are focused on process improvement in marketing and sales. Removing waste is a HUGE opportunity in most white-collar processes. What … Continue reading

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