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Headlines Can Communicate or Miscommunicate

The headline in this ad is very clear: Some consulting firms just write reports; others deliver value. However, it is unclear which this firm is, and based on the existing impression of many, PWC may be in the former group … Continue reading

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And then it was over

Back in February I posted about the challenge of re-positioning JC Penny. I was concerned about Ron Johnson’s ability to stay the course. Turns out the challenge was too much for the Board: Mr. Johnson resigned today. The best summary … Continue reading

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Men are not buffoons, or maybe they are?

In 2010 I named Dove for Men the oxymoron ad of the Super Bowl. I just don’t get the idea that you can take a brand (Dove) that has spent a fortune positioning itself as a women’s beauty product and … Continue reading

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Changing positions takes longer than you wish it would

I’m a big fan of the new JC Penny. It’s also my wife’s “new favorite store.” I’m especially impressed with the fact they have found a position that is not just “another” department store. However, it has been a tough … Continue reading

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If you can’t fix it, feature it…

Roy Fields, a former VP for Teledyne, Inc. uttered those words to me many years ago. I have never forgotten them. And for a finance guy (which Roy was), pretty great marketing advice. Something KFC needs to think about. In … Continue reading

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Brand extensions I don’t get

Being a believer in Ries and Trout’s concepts from their landmark book, Positioning the Battle for Your Mind, I’m not a big fan of most brand extensions. That being said, some make even less sense to me than others. Back … Continue reading

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The power of brand identity

Walking in Terminal 8 at JFK I see a sign for the Juan Valdez Cafe. What else did I need to see to know what that cafe was all about. Now that is the true power of a Brand.   … Continue reading

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