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Confusing Motion With Progress

My older son, who works for a Fortune 200 company, mentioned this morning that his company was going through yet another reorganization to improve results, or efficiency … or something. I remember telling my dad the same story, and I … Continue reading

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Recommendation For A Functional Organization Struture

Corporate organizations should be structured to allow the company to execute its strategy effectively and thus achieve its goals. Volumes have been written on organizational structure and the best use of which type of structure in various business scenarios. This post considers … Continue reading

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Who or What is a Chief Growth Officer and Why Would You Need One?

Sometimes I think this whole “title” thing is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Or maybe it’s just to distract the Board. Or, as my father says, “confusing motion with progress.” This could just be a variation on the … Continue reading

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