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Is Brick & Mortar Really Dying?

Is it brick and mortar that is dying or brain-dead, non-merchants who are finally being pushed out of business? Many of my clients are forced to deal with big box retail buyers who are so focused on rebates, shipping allowances, … Continue reading

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Brick and Mortar Suicide Continues … Unabated

This topic is, unfortunately, a common theme for me (just do a search of the blog). It seems retailers have become so focused on getting better deals from their suppliers that they are forgetting that if they don’t actually sell … Continue reading

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Meaningless Questions From Uninterested Employees

How often are you asked by a retail cashier if you “found everything ok?” Many are trained to ask this question. But do they care? If you’re like me, your usual answer to the question is “yes” or “sure” because … Continue reading

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Brand extensions

I generally agree with Al Ries. His insights into positioning have been remarkable over the years. He is a fanatic about NOT allowing brand or line extensions. His position is they usually (always) result in poorer performance than if you created … Continue reading

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Great customer service weekend

Last weekend was a great customer service weekend for me. I not only got great service, I saw a fantastic process in action. We’re doing a little remodeling upstairs in our house and are getting some new doors. I ordered … Continue reading

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