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In ‘N Out vs McDonald’s

I have posted before about the differences between In ‘N Out and McDonald’s. Just last week one of the Principals in our company, Neil Reckon, noted a process example difference between the two companies I have seen but never thought about … Continue reading

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McDonald’s May Be Getting It

Back in the early days of McDonald’s and In n Out Burger, both stores offered hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks and milk shakes. McDonald’s had the word Hamburger on its signs (no longer) and they were focused. Over the decades … Continue reading

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They just don’t get it

Ted Reed posted an article today on TheStreet.com about Southwest Airlines that misses the point. His article, The Mainstreaming of Southwest Airlines, suggests that Southwest is becoming like all the other airlines because they are now going to serve Minneapolis … Continue reading

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It’s All About Focus

As we have preached for many years, one area where companies do themselves in is lack of focus. In an effort to “spread their risk” or not “put all their eggs in one basket,” too many companies diversify into mediocrity. … Continue reading

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