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Great idea, poor execution

Ralph posted last week about a big company’s poor execution on what appears to be a razor/blade marketing strategy. Mine’s a bit different. People who know me know that I love ice cream (almost all desserts really), and I am … Continue reading

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Hidden costs

When I was leaving the Ontario, CA airport the other day after watching the Southwest Airlines credit card people at work (as discussed in an earlier blog post), I decided I needed an ice cream. (People who know me realize … Continue reading

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Jerry is amazing

I spent some extra time in the United terminal at the Denver Airport today. As I often do when I have the time in that terminal, I visited the Ben & Jerry’s shop upstairs. I had lots of time so the … Continue reading

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It’s simple if you think about it

Several years ago I read about two candy stores that were across the street from each other. Both sold pretty much the same things and most of their sales were bulk candy to kids. The kids referred to one of … Continue reading

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