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The Danger of Automated Processes

In an effort to increase efficiency, many companies are automating customer experience processes; resulting in unintended problems with effectiveness. I experienced this first hand recently with the Ford Motor Company. I’ve been a fan of Ford since they didn’t take … Continue reading

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Kicking butt in the downturn

W.W. Grainger Inc. last Wednesday reported an 18% drop in second-quarter profit but said it was able to carve out market-share gains even as the economy is showing no signs of a rebound. Apple® announced financial results for its fiscal 2009 third … Continue reading

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Following up on obstacles to making sales

In January we blogged about Hyundai America’s buyer assurance plan. We noted in that post that we loved the idea and that time would tell if it worked. On February 17th, we notedthat JetBlue had picked up on the idea. … Continue reading

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Self-destruct mode, is it part of the process?

The U.S. auto industry is in melt-down mode, that’s not news. The root cause problem(s) depend on who you ask, but the need to sell cars and trucks … now … is not in dispute. And there lies a problem. … Continue reading

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Is Steve Ballmer delusional or just wrong?

Where am I coming from with this one you may ask? Or perhaps your answer is both. Anyway, this blog post is really about an interview with Steve Ballmer published in the San Jose Mercury on October 6th regarding Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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