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The Power of Focus … Part 9

I’ve published several posts on the power of focus. (Heck there’s a whole category in the blog history on it). Bottom line, companies improve their performance by narrowing their focus. Diversification usually makes the bottom-line worse, even if it improves … Continue reading

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And Again With The Power of Focus

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies chasing top line growth (perhaps to appease Wall Street) diversify into mediocrity … or worse. The latest example is Crocs. Full disclosure, I have worn Crocs for years, much to the … Continue reading

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McDonald’s May Be Getting It

Back in the early days of McDonald’s and In n Out Burger, both stores offered hamburgers, french fries, soft drinks and milk shakes. McDonald’s had the word Hamburger on its signs (no longer) and they were focused. Over the decades … Continue reading

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Do you suffer from orgasnizational ADD?

I ran across two very interesting young guys the other week, both of whom drilled home a perennial business lesson: focus! In a parallel life I was a police firearms instructor, and I still follow the field a bit.  One … Continue reading

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Focus matters: another example

I have posted a few times on the power of focus (just search the site on the word “focus”) because companies that focus usually outperform those that don’t. Today’s example is Carl’s Jr. (or Hardee’s for those of you in … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft focused or delusional?

Maybe both? Anyway, Microsoft unveiled their new phones last week. The Kin One and the Kin Two. I have no idea what they were thinking about with the name, but I am not their target market. Realizing the smart phone … Continue reading

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It’s critical to get it exactly right

One of the issues in a down economy is the need to get those things you do exactly right. While it is still necessary to take risks in business, you can’t afford to be wrong too many times in this … Continue reading

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Love the focus

I was walking near NYU today and I noticed a cookie shop (I always notice cookie shops) called Insomnia Cookies. The signs indicated they offered “late night delivery of fresh baked cookies. Love the focus. Turns out they are not just … Continue reading

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It’s All About Focus

As we have preached for many years, one area where companies do themselves in is lack of focus. In an effort to “spread their risk” or not “put all their eggs in one basket,” too many companies diversify into mediocrity. … Continue reading

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