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The Power of Who and the Power of Focus (Part 10)

For many years, we have espoused the idea of knowing Who should be your customer, and, sometimes more importantly, Who should NOT be your customer. Some recent research suggests that this is powerfully true in terms of customer satisfaction as … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is More Than Promotional Hype

A lot is written about the importance of customer-centricity and customer experience. Research by Watermark Consulting shows that companies that provide better customer experience create a better total stock market return that the S&P 500 and customer experience laggards. Thus … Continue reading

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Where Walmart Went Wrong

Since Walmart’s recent announcement that they were closing a bunch of stores, pundits have chimed in about what’s wrong. A recent article at Forbes.com entitled, “Walmart’s Outdated Management Style Is Failing Customers,” suggests there is something wrong with their ability … Continue reading

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Is Benetton irrelevant? Wasn’t that long ago they were making headlines with their controversial ads and trend setting clothing. Today their once target market now says they are really for “an older generation.” But that older generation doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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GM and a focus on customers

As you undoubtedly know, General Motors exited from bankruptcy today. The new company will focus on “customers, cars and culture.” As part of the announcement they stated that “Top executives at the new company will focus on business results, new … Continue reading

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