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Incremental sales should generate incremental profits

Above a breakeven point, adding customers and/or revenue even at a lower profit margin should result in increased profit to the bottom line. Once your so-called fixed costs are covered, as long as the marginal┬ácost of serving the customer is … Continue reading

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Jobs leaving California

Off on a short tangent today, just because I can’t stand it. Novellus, a leading semiconductor equipment company, announced that it was moving jobs out of California due to “… costs in California [being] historically higher.” In addition, the CEO … Continue reading

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Value still sells at any price

You’d think with the downturn in full stride and high-end brands and retailers suffering that people would be looking to save money any way they can. Well value still sells, no matter the price. My case in point today is … Continue reading

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It’s about the process

We teach negotiation to business people and I was reminded again today that one of the key aspects of successful negotiation that too many of us forget is that negotiation is a process. If one side or the other feels … Continue reading

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