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You can’t get Amazon-like results without process management

Bloomberg Businessweek has a very interesting article up on Brad Stone’s new biography of Jeff Bezos.  From the opening page of the article (with minor edits on my part): Within Amazon.com (AMZN) there’s a certain type of e-mail that elicits … Continue reading

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Trust: Earned vs. Promoted

There’s a credibility gap between most businesses and their customers. According to an Edelman survey done May- early July of this year, only 44% of Americans say they trusted business, which is down from 57% in late 2007. Companies are … Continue reading

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I love it when Howard agrees with me

I was reading the article about Howard Shultz and Starbucks in the August 17th issue of Business Week (ok, I’m a little behind in my reading), and found two ideas that he shares with his team that I have been … Continue reading

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Innovation: Where’s the leverage

Innovation is still getting a lot of press, most recently we read an interesting piece in Business Week. (Can’t find it on their site, so no link, sorry.) In the September 22nd issue they published some results from the 2008 … Continue reading

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