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Finally A Brand Metric That Might Actually Matter

Brand value metrics abound. Several consulting and branding firms purport to measure brand value. I have written my opinion on those before. Many marketers attempt to persuade their boss that increased brand awareness equals increased revenue. Not true. Meanwhile many, … Continue reading

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Are Big Box Suppliers Destroying Their Brand Equuity?

I’m not the branding guy at CMG, which may account for my puzzlement.  Nonetheless: I had a conservation the other day the gist of which was that major manufacturers (DeWalt, John Deere, etc.) are 1) selling different models to Home … Continue reading

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We don’t need no stinking brand equity!

Safariland, a major player in the law enforcement market, and a maker of holsters and soft (concealable) body armor, recently bought a host of companies and associated brands that were owned by BAE Systems (formally British Aerospace).  These purchased brands … Continue reading

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