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Brick & Mortar Suicide Continues…despite Covid -19

I have written on several occasions over the last few years about how brick and mortar retailers are doing more to destroy themselves than the e-tailers they blame. (Do a search on suicide and you will find them.) I haven’t … Continue reading

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Brick and Mortar Tear Down

This post is longer than my average, so bear with me. The media monitors the rise and fall of retail especially during the holiday season as a huge part of total retail sales occur at this time of year. As … Continue reading

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Strategic Judo: Turning Showrooming into a Brick & Mortar Advantage

Business strategy gets a bad rap from many pundits who suggest that strategic planning is passe, and that you just have to act and adjust. Strategies are designed to achieve a goal given the environment you operate within. Act and … Continue reading

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The good and not so good ads from Super Bowl 2013

Of the remaining ads not mentioned in my earlier posts, here are the few that I felt warrant a mention. (BTW, as a reminder, I don’t comment on movie or TV show ads as they are tied to the content … Continue reading

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Two is enough

As I tell readers in my book,  It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build A Sustainable Business, the world doesn’t really need more than two suppliers of anything. Circuit City learned that lesson the hard way when they collapsed in … Continue reading

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Getting it right matters

Several years ago I noted that buying a book from Amazon.com was much faster than buying the same book from BN.com or Borders.com because the site was easier to use and faster. I have watched over the years as Amazon.com has added … Continue reading

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