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OMG Being Valuably Different Actually Matters

Casual dining restaurants are suffering. Applebee’s is no exception. A glut of competitors is causing some to see decreases in sales. “The crux of the problem is that Applebee’s is suffering from a problem that has plagued many modern casual … Continue reading

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Own a Position

Many companies make wine glasses. A quick search of Amazon finds thousands of results. Most, like in any category, are apparent commodities and are priced accordingly. And then there is Riedel. Ranging from about $25/glass to well over $100/glass, Riedel … Continue reading

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The Power of Endorsements and Attention Grabbers

I was sitting in the new Ice Box “café” in Terminal A at the Dallas airport the other day working on my computer while eating a dessert (OK what’s new). I was reminded how powerful the attraction of something outrageous … Continue reading

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When all else fails, try focusing on your value difference

Back in February I posted about how many of the U.S. Auto insurance companies were treating their “products” as commodities and focusing on price. I had some thoughts about targeting, which I included in that post. It appears that at … Continue reading

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Find a difference and leverage it

The world does not need another Wal-Mart. In truth it would not have needed Wal-Mart if Kmart had executed. Too many companies try to emulate a leader or compete head on in a market. Unless the leader has slipped, this is a … Continue reading

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