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Make More Money By Selling What They Are Buying

Last week I posted about the difference between focusing on what you sell and what the customer is buying using the Stradivarius violin as an example. A new/old example came up again this week: Corona Beer. Bloomberg News, in an … Continue reading

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What You Sell Is Not What They Are Buying

Why would people pay more for something that is provably the same as another thing that is less expensive? Two pairs of jeans can come off the same production line, one gets a “private label” and the other a “designer … Continue reading

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A Relook at Marketing Myopia

Al Ries recently wrote an outstanding article for Advertising Age where he re-looks at Ted Levitt’s classic article from the Harvard Business Review, “Marketing Myopia.” Just read his article. Mitch

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Why Did This Take 80 Years?

Prohibition in the US ended 80 years ago today. I didn’t know that and I have never met anyone who did. It’s also my wife’s birthday, and she didn’t know it either. However, she now has another reason to have … Continue reading

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Do You Really Need Differentiation To Win In the Marketplace?

My friend Allen Hauge pointed me to a Harvard Business Review blog post that suggests you don’t need differentiation to win in the market. Since I wrote an entire book suggesting otherwise, I was intrigued by the position taken by … Continue reading

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Great idea, poor execution

Ralph posted last week about a big company’s poor execution on what appears to be a razor/blade marketing strategy. Mine’s a bit different. People who know me know that I love ice cream (almost all desserts really), and I am … Continue reading

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Headlines Can Communicate or Miscommunicate

The headline in this ad is very clear: Some consulting firms just write reports; others deliver value. However, it is unclear which this firm is, and based on the existing impression of many, PWC may be in the former group … Continue reading

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Who Says Lawyers Can’t Promise Results?

As many readers know, I’m a big fan of understanding What your customer is trying to buy from you and focusing on that as your brand, product or company promise. My book, The Secret to Selling More, is all about … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity?

While walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago, I came across Chuck’s Manufacturing. The intriguing name caused me to stop and take a look. It’s a restaurant. However, while the name is intriguing nothing helped me know more. They had a … Continue reading

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Out-selling the competition

An article in Inc Magazine stated, “For most growing businesses, quality salespeople are a must. But most business models won’t achieve exponential growth riding on the backs of the sales team. Even the best salesperson can’t sell something that customers … Continue reading

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