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How Do You Get More Press?

Over the years, as an alleged marketing expert, I get asked that question. Since it’s not really my area of focus, my short answer has always been, “be newsworthy.” Of course there’s much more to it than that. Finally, I … Continue reading

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The Channel Is NOT Your Customer

Most CPG companies call the channel (retailers) their customers, and the end-customer is referred to as the consumer. Nice way to differentiate the two, but it’s created a generation of marketers that are customer-focused and consumer illiterate. In truth, most … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It

A while back, Roy Fields, a Corporate Vice President for Teledyne, said those words to me. Over the years, I have decided it was one of the great pieces of advice and “lines” I have ever received. Turns our Buick … Continue reading

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Do Tag Lines Really Matter?

Whenever a company replaces their CMO or otherwise needs a new “something,” they often change their tag line. Problem is, not much else changes, just the tag line. Makes the company feel better, but often it is just rearranging the … Continue reading

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Why Did This Take 80 Years?

Prohibition in the US ended 80 years ago today. I didn’t know that and I have never met anyone who did. It’s also my wife’s birthday, and she didn’t know it either. However, she now has another reason to have … Continue reading

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Does This Product Placement Backfire?

Telepresence robots have been getting a fair amount of press in the last year. For the less initiated, these robots allow a virtual worker to move about the office while not actually being there and take part in meetings and … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity?

While walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago, I came across Chuck’s Manufacturing. The intriguing name caused me to stop and take a look. It’s a restaurant. However, while the name is intriguing nothing helped me know more. They had a … Continue reading

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If you can’t fix it; feature it

Over 2o years ago, Roy Fields, Group VP for Teledyne said that to me. At the time I did not appreciate the wisdom, but over the years I have come to love this recommendation. The merchants of downtown San Jose, … Continue reading

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Coupons don’t work … even if Groupon delivers them for you

Discount coupons attract current customers (who now pay less) and price shoppers/switchers. Whether they are FSIs or Groupons they still produce the same result: the coupon distributor makes money, the retailer or product/service provider of the discount, hoping to induce trial to … Continue reading

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A relatively easy way to gain some customer loyalty

I wrote a couple times (first here) about the wonderful pit bull we adopted in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  He got from Louisiana to Massachusetts in an air conditioned trailer that New Balance provided to transport 40 dogs.  As … Continue reading

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