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The CEO is the CMO

Back in January I posted briefly on the fact that the CEO is the defacto CMO in companies that do not have one. In truth, many CMOs are only responsible for the “communications” aspect of Marketing, and in those companies … Continue reading

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Is Creating New Marketing Titles Like Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic?

Every time I turn around the Chief Marketing Officer title is being considered for a new title: Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Customer Officer, Chief Growth Officer. Really? If you understand the true role of Marketing in a company, Chief Marketing … Continue reading

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Do You Need A CMO?

The answer is, without question, yes. However, all companies have one. In companies that are too small to invest in a full-time CMO, the CEO is the defacto CMO whether he or she sees it that way or not. Recently, … Continue reading

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Finally The Engineer Gets Recognition

Ralph and I have known this for many years, but then we be Engineers. Mitch  

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Suddenly Chief Marketing Officer is Not the Right Title

A recent article in Advertising Age, “Don’t Call Me CMO: Top Marketers Say Job Has Evolved Beyond Title” reflects the sad state of the profession. The topic of the job title came up at a recent ANA conference. Comments included … Continue reading

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Are UK CMOs really CMOs?

According to an article in Marketing Week, a recent study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing found that only 45% of UK CMOs are guaranteed involvement in the development of new products and services. Since marketing involvement in the development … Continue reading

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CMO’s sticking longer

Spencer Stuart notes that CMO tenure has increased consistently since 2004 from an average of 23.6 to 45 months. Debate as to cause abounds. Since it’s been a steady rise each year, I postulate that it’s due to CMOs and … Continue reading

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Maybe we’re just Marketing snobs?

Advertising Age ran an article about the “expanding role” of the CMO. As you might expect, this article got my attention. Unfortunately, I was again stunned by what CMOs must have thought their jobs were before because the article’s definition … Continue reading

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What happened at GE? And could it happen to you?

In the 1952 GE annual report, GE defined marketing as an omnibus concept and stated  “The marketing department will establish for the engineer, the designer, and the manufacturing man what the consumer wants in a given product, what price he is … Continue reading

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A quick reminder about how not to make sales

I went to the post office the other day, and the line was so long that I left and planned to use FedEx or UPS instead.  The USPS seems to have a problem doing load balancing, a management technique that … Continue reading

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