Brick & Mortar Suicide Continues…despite Covid -19

I have written on several occasions over the last few years about how brick and mortar retailers are doing more to destroy themselves than the e-tailers they blame. (Do a search on suicide and you will find them.) I haven’t provided a story recently, but then today happened.

One of the key reasons for using brick and mortar is to get the item right now. Such was the case today. We were in need of a new, entry level, Windows laptop. The obvious brick and mortar place here in Reno would be Best Buy, so off we went.

They had two excellent choices. We asked the sales person if he could get either of them for us. He scanned the items and said no to both. He was not even able to order them to be delivered to the store. They were not available. (Well I saw one of each available, but did not bother to ask if he could sell the “floor sample.”) We just left.

Next stop Wal-Mart. Nice computer department, just nobody staffing it. We found a clerk who paged the “technology specialist” who finally arrived. We showed her the item we wanted and she gave us the same answer as we got at Best Buy: not available.

Last stop was RC Willey a furniture store that also sells appliances and electronics. Found two computers there and the sales person was all over it for us. He went and got it and in the mean time 3 other sales people asked if we were being helped. Wow, not committing suicide here.

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2 Responses to Brick & Mortar Suicide Continues…despite Covid -19

  1. Fiscalshare says:

    Similar experience at Best Buy. Wanted to buy a Samsung tablet. There was a Samsung rep there in a light blue shirt talking to another rep in a black shirt. They ignored us. We asked them to help us. They said no, we needed to be helped by a salesperson in a dark blue shirt and none were available. Then light blue shirt and black shirt went back to chatting. We asked to see the manager. Light blue shirt said no. We left and bought the tablet on line (NOT from Best Buy). My husband refuses to buy anything from Best Buy ever again. So yeah – they are killing themselves.

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