The Try Something Loop

Most companies use the “try something loop” when they have a shortfall in sales that needs to be addressed in the short-term. The try something loop consists of having a brainstorming meeting to come up with ideas to increase sales in the near term. One of the ideas is picked (how it is picked can be a popular vote or other random method, including the one the boss likes best). The idea is tried and it usually doesn’t work, because if solving problems by brainstorming and picking was a good idea, most problems would be solved that way.

The “loop” often results in implementing a new CRM because many are convinced that if a new CRM is put in place, then a new process will result. It doesn’t.

The next most likely “solution” is to change sales managers. Apparently, according to this article, which summarizes the churn at the CSO level well, the tenure is now about 19 months. Even more volatile than the CMO. Rearranging the deck chairs continues.

If you want to improve sales, you need to know the root cause/constraint to getting more revenue. Today, in most US companies, those constraints are on the delivery side not the revenue opportunity side. “Tomorrow” it is likely to return to the revenue generation side. Don’t resort to the “try something loop” when that day comes. Learn to find the constraint or bottleneck and relieve it.


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