Sales Prevention, Or At Least Impediment

Last week I posted an example of brick and mortar suicide. Today’s example is a brick and mortar store (Target) but it is really

Recently a friend of the family had her first child. We wanted to get her something to recognize the birth and found out she had registered at Target and on My wife then went to to find an appropriate item to buy. We have used other online registries and they are usually good at showing you what has been listed that is not yet purchased by anyone. Even after finally buying two things for the mother, my wife is not 100% certain what she bought wasn’t already purchased by others as the site never updated after she finally found a way to buy.

It took her fully 30 minutes and 3 tries at the shopping cart to buy the two items she wanted and get them gift wrapped and provide a card (well actually 2 cards because won’t let you combine the gifts into one package). The user interface made no sense and the site made it a challenge to try to buy. In the age of, this is beyond unacceptable. Is it no wonder these other retailers struggle to get any consequential e-commerce business. Who designs these sites and who is doing the user interface work? If it is an allegedly skilled person, somebody needs to check their work. If it is an amateur, somebody needs to review Target’s online strategy.

You can argue they got the sale, so what. The so-what is that is the last sale they will get online unless we have the misfortune of having someone else register with them.


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