Maybe It Isn’t Slipping Away, It’s Being Pushed Away?

Yesterday I posted about a recent (current) experience with the once great company, FedEx. Turns out some of what I reported yesterday was wrong, which only makes things worse.

The package was not sitting in Sacramento for 2+ days without moving. That was me misunderstanding the graphic display of information provided by the FedEx tracking system. I discovered this when the package actually got to Sacramento yesterday afternoon. If you take a look at the tracking report below, you can see what I am talking about. (You’ll need to click on the image to get it bigger so you can see what I am talking about.)

Turns out the package has not been in Sacramento since Sunday but rather on its way there. This becomes clear when you see that last night it arrived in Sacramento. This is a BIG difference. And here is my question (without regard to what I believe is a confusing display of tracking information), why did a level one and a level two customer service person tell me they did not know why the package was in Sacramento since Sunday. It wasn’t! The fact that I misunderstand the information is what it is, but how could two customer service people trained and employed by FedEx not know that the package was not actually in Sacramento?

Does FedEx have a training or a performance standards problem? I doubt they know because I doubt they even know this silliness is going on. Why? Simple, they have no ability to know because there is no feedback mechanism in their system. Without feedback how would they know?

It used to be the recipient was equally important to FedEx as the shipper because the recipient could also become a shipper. Not really anymore. Most big shippers know and use (or not) FedEx. Until and unless enough people complain about FedEx they won’t care. And when that finally happens, what will they do? The same thing all entrenched, established companies with dominant market share do when people have had enough … scramble to fix it assuming they can and it isn’t too late.

BTW, the FedEx logo is upside down on purpose. That is the international sign of a vessel in distress.



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1 Response to Maybe It Isn’t Slipping Away, It’s Being Pushed Away?

  1. Jerry Gooze says:

    The last time I had something shipped to me via Fed Ex (ink cartridges from Epson), it was handed off to the USPS once it hit Rochester.

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