When Greatness Slips Away

FedEx used to be a great company. When it absolutely, positively had to be there overnight… And if you wanted to know what was going on with your package, great people were there to help. Now they seem to be morphing into the USPS. What happened? Is it just inevitable that great companies can’t sustain it once they get bigger? Maybe it’s tougher, but I don’t accept that its inevitable.

Today FedEx has a great online package tracking system. But what happens if the online system makes no sense? For example, why has my package been sitting in the Sacramento facility for 2 full days, going on 3 without moving towards me. After all, it is only about 2 hours away.

Calling FedEx, a clearly off-shored person simply reads me what is on the website about my package. When I explain to her that I can read that, she says, well that’s all I can do. So is her purpose just to help those without internet access? When I pushed, she offered to get someone else to help me.

That person, also read me what was on the website. When I asked why it was in Sacramento for 2+ days she said because of the weather (that was also on the website, but the weather is in Memphis, not Sacramento). When I pointed this out she offered to open a case, which would take 48 hours to resolve. Since the package is promised in 36, I said never mind. Two people no more helpful than customer service at USPS.

Why would I pay extra to ship it FedEx anymore? I can get “don’t care” service from USPS for a lot less.

What happened to FedEx?



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