You Didn’t Need to do a Study to Project This

An article in Automotive News Europe citing a “study” by AlixPartners, LLC states that billions will be spent on developing autonomous cars with over 50 major players involved. They then confidently predict that most of these efforts will fail, and only a few will survive. Well duh, that’s how it always works when a disruptive technology comes along.

What would be really nice to know is who the few survivors will be. They aren’t able to predict that. No surprise and no slam on them for not being able to do so.

This was a serious piece written by a Bloomberg reporter for a recognized publication. And I am unsure if anyone funded the “study” or if AlixPartners released it for publicity purposes, which they succeeded in getting. I guess I wonder how this is newsworthy as it’s clearly obvious to the most casual observer in the field.

Anyway, maybe I am just a cynic. (well no maybe there)


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