And Again with a Title Change for the CMO

Almost 3 years ago I wrote about the Chief Revenue Officer phenomenon. Well seems it is still in style. Coca Cola just “retired” their CMO and will be replacing him with a “Chief Revenue Officer.” Is that a euphemism for head of Marketing and Sales? Or maybe it’s the organizational equivalent of the COO. So does the CEO then have a CRO, COO, CFO and CPO (Chief People Officer) reporting to him/her and maybe a CIO.

If so, I can see that. But that’s not the plan at Coke. In their case the CRO is going to report to the COO and is not responsible for sales anyway. So just like the CMO was not really responsible for Marketing, just the back-end of Marketing, not the more highly leveraged front-end of Marketing. This new CRO is not really responsible for revenue anyway.

Is the goal to fool the Board? Create another expendable position should things go bad or…?

Hard to know for sure since they are shaking up other reports; creating a Chief Innovation Officer and elevating the CIO to report to the CEO. Pretty sure this seems like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, though I doubt Coke is in danger of sinking. Just slowing.


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