Digital Marketing Failure

It’s my opinion that many marketers who focus on digital marketing stop thinking. They become enamored with the automated nature of the process, and the fact that it’s “free,” and therefore don’t think, as they should.

Here is recent example.

My wife and I were considering using one of the home delivery food prep companies where they provide you all the ingredients and recipe to make meals you might not otherwise make. This is especially true if you need small amounts of unusual ingredients. We looked at Blue Apron and Home Chef, and signed up for both and are using neither.


Blue Apron requires you to take 3 meals a week. We don’t want to. We have an account with them, but have never ordered anything, and they have never asked why. To be fair, they have rarely reached out to us since we signed up.

The other service was Home Chef.  They only require 2 meals a week, which was a better fit for us. Until we discovered that they charge for delivery if you don’t take three meals a week; and the delivery charge is almost as much as the third meal. That was annoying, so we have never ordered anything from them either.

However, unlike Blue Apron, which sends an occasional email about how wonderful they are,  Home Chef keeps sending me emails asking me if I am “Ready to Home Chef?” No I am not for the same reason I have never ordered. They don’t know why and if they were to change their policy on delivery, I would not know either. However, their digital marketing engine is grinding away. Clueless about why it is not working. But maybe on a % basis it is, so they’re “happy.”

It just seems obvious to me that if someone signs up for your service (which requires effort) and then never uses it, they might be a good candidate to ask “why not.” But then maybe I’m missing something.



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