Do Super Bowl Ads Work?

The answer of course depends what you mean by work. As with any activity, including marketing activities, you need to define an expected outcome before embarking on the activity, or how can you know if it was worthwhile. While we can’t know what outcome was expected by any of the Super Bowl advertisers we can note, based on work by YouGov BrandIndex, some outcomes that were achieved.

Based on an article in Advertising Age, purchase intent was not improved for any Super Bowl advertiser. That seems an important outcome, but maybe not. However, buzz and word of mouth did increase for some, as noted in the article.

This seems a trend over several years now that there is no movement in purchase consideration, but they do get people to “talk.” Does “talk” ultimately and eventually lead to purchase? Don’t know, but then I don’t need to know. The brands do, or at least they should.


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