Super Disappointment

lombardi_trophyAs earlier posts will show (just use the Super Bowl Ads category), I have become more and more disappointed in the Super Bowl ads each year. This year’s crop mostly sucked. Fortunately the game was epic.

While a few of the advertisers purposefully chose to promote social causes, which if you support them, you probably liked the ad, the rest were advertising and not remotely “super.”

Of all the ads that aired only four, in my opinion, were super enough. Those four in no particular order were:

  1. T-Mobiles two ads that spoofed 50 Shades of Grey
  2. The Avocados from Mexico ad
  3. The Turbo Tax ad
  4. Maybe the Budweiser ad

As prior posts about Super Bowl ads mentioned, I am looking for on-message/position ads that are “big.” After all it is the Super Bowl. (and as many have asked, where were the Clydesdales this year?)

In thinking about why this crop is continuing a worsening trend (and many agree), I postulate that because Super Bowl ads are no longer debuted on the Super Bowl and look to social media for views, things have changed in the mind of the advertiser (but not necessarily the viewer/customer). So the Super Bowl viewer may no longer be the target market, while the Super Bowl may be the attention grabbing vehicle to get these ads viewed elsewhere.

Anyway, the net result was poor in my opinion even though a ton of money was spent.


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