Improving Customer Experience

deltaairlineslogoI rarely check luggage so my recent experience may be old news for some of you. It may also not be limited to Delta Airlines, but then again, maybe they are pioneering a valuable customer experience.

I criticize the airlines regularly because I fly a lot and they’re easy targets given their limited to non-existent focus on passengers. When they do a good job, I believe I owe it to them to report it as well, and this one is quite good.

I flew on Delta last week to JFK with my wife and we checked a bag. What a shock when, while sitting on the plane waiting to back away from the gate, I got a text saying that our bag was now actually on the plane. Pretty slick (and I assumed true). When we landed, we got a text telling us that our bag was coming to the bag claim area. We had just picked it up, but still, pretty slick.

Great use of technology and customer focus. Now, at least in SFO, if they could just get bags to baggage claim a little faster….

How are you using information and mobile to improve your customer experience?


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