Marketing/Sales Misalignment Continues

I am alignment12constantly amused by the people who believe that solving the Marketing/Sales misalignment problem can be fixed by better defining what should be done by Marketing versus what Sales should do, and how that has changed over time. Who cares?

Marketing and Sales is the core of your Revenue Production process. Just as Product Manufacturing companies learned that debating what belonged in Engineering and what belonged in Production was never going to fix the root cause problems in producing good products, the same is true of Customer Manufacturing. (For more on this you can read my book The Secret to Selling More).

I was recently ran across this blog post where the author spends time trying to persuade us that the root cause issue is to recognize that more of the “funnel” should be managed by Marketing, and doing so will fix the revenue short-fall issue. Poppycock.

Firstly, even customers who are buying from you now are still in evaluation mode, so who handles them, Marketing or Sales? Secondly, each company has resources and talents organized where they do. While I will accept that more of the prospect management process can be done non-face-to-face (something else I talked about in the book), whether those people are “marketing people” or “sales people” is not relevant to helping the right customer buy right. It is about facilitating their buying process effectively. Then you can worry about being more efficient.


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