The Airbnb/Uber Model Comes to Beer … Kinda

tavourlogoA newish company, Tavour, in Seattle has created a service to offer unique, hard to find, not well-known, new to the market, etc. craft beers to people who do care, or should care. They search out unique beers they feel meet their customers’ standards and then offer them to their customers.

They use a push marketing program (opt in) to alert their customers to new “finds.” Customers then decide if it is right for them and place an order. Once a month (or so) Tavour delivers the selected beers to their customers. Shipping is a flat fee of about $15.

Seems like a cool program and targeted business model. My only real beef with them is that somebody who believes in push/intrusive/in your face marketing convinced them to create an annoying drop down sign-up box on their home page that you cannot make go away. Thus you have to sign up to learn more, or look around other pages of their website.

Didn’t leave me with a good feeling. And maybe that’s just me.


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