A 67 cent Customer Service Fail

This is so silly it’s almost unbelievable. My wife bought an item from a vendor on amazon.com for $6.76. It was due to arrive on January 11. It didn’t. When I checked the tracking number from DHL (the vendor’s shipper of choice in this case) the DHL website said it was not a valid tracking number. (Rechecked just to make sure and went at the DHL site another way; same result.)

So I sent a message to the supplier asking what’s up. Shortly afterwards we got an automated response saying we would hear from them soon.

We heard back from them the next day telling us that the package had been misrouted and was being re-routed by the postal carrier and would arrive in 2-3 days. Fortunately, the item was not time critical, and they did respond fairly quickly. They also apologized for the mistake.

Then they wrecked the whole thing by telling us, “to make up for this delay, we have issued you a 10% refund on your order…”

Seriously, 68 cents? Yep, sure enough they have issued a credit for 67 cents to our account. Why? All they have done is show that nobody at the company actually cares or thinks. (And they didn’t even round-up to 68 cents either.)

We trust you put much more thought into your customer interactions than did this company.


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